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These page is about the stuff I missed/needed/forgot about the TS-7260. It's just all about stuff I stumbled with. It should always be reachable at which will be a redirect to the current location.

If you think I could help you, you can always try to contact me at wimpunk+ts7260 at gmail dot com. If my spamfilter isn't to aggresive you'll get an answer.

Kernel Compiling

My kernel patches are patches against the default kernel provided by Technology Systems. These are the steps you need to take to get your kernel compiled:

Note: The current 2.4 kernel doesn't compile with gcc-4.0.1 - at least not the one I tried.

I2C patch

This patch is all about using GPIO as a bitbanging I2C controller. Get the i2c-patch and patch the kernel:

cd linux24 && patch -p1 & i2c-patch

Enable i2c by running make menuconfig. You can find the option on: character devices > I2C support > I2C bit-banging interfaces > Ep93xx I2C using GPIO pins.

Feel free to post your comment here or you could post them on a google group or contact me directly at wimpunk+ts7260 at gmail dot com.

I've been testing the patch on a TS7260. I load the module as insmod i2c-ep93xx [sda=sdapin] [scl=sclpin] with optional params sda and scl. Default values are set at compiletime.


Modifying ts-kernel for more than 6 ports

The default kernel only uses 6 ports but I needed more. There is a post about this in the yahoo group and I created serial.patch to fix it.

Compiling a 2.6 kernel A while ago I discovered the linux-2.6 from ynezz and decided to give it a try. These are my basic notes about my tries

I used an openwrt image build earlier to test the kernel. Seemed to work pretty good. My openwrt config will be posted later.